The Sensitiv Imago device for health estimation

The Sensitiv Imago device for health estimation, manufactured by our company, allows not only to increase the quality of provided services, but will also play an important role in enhancing the prestige of your center. With Budget, Professional and Business class models, there are numerous choices available for purchase


Sensitiv imago

Technology beyond reality

More and more clients of our’s are succeeding in holistic business. Become one of them! Buying Sensitive Imago you receive:

  • opportunity to help people become healthy.
  • Ready-made probe-tested business plan for development of your personal highly-profitable business.
  • Chance to succeed and grow rich, your income will depend only on your desire.
  • Business availability in many countries worldwide.
  • High-technology equipment, 100% unique.
  • Quality meeting 5SI system standards, higher than ISO 9001:2008 and 13485:2003. Acknowledged by international and Russian certificates.
  • Free 4-day tuition on theory and practice in our training centers: on the spot and distantly.
  • International diploma issued after passing qualifying course.
  • Technical maintenance 14 hours a day.
  • Constant consulting and technical support.
  • Access to timely regular software update.
  • Exchange of an old device for a more advanced model on a preferential basis.

You are asking where you can seize new opportunities. In Alfa-Tech LLC representing office in Moscow!

Making money and assisting people is possible! Approach our Alfa-Tech LLC representing office in Moscow!

Read more about the history and work of the holding you can read on our official website Alfa-Tech

Production SENSITIV IMAGO maсhines

«Alfa-Tech» companies group is developing and manufacturing hardware-software complexes for the health diagnostic testing. Research work is performed by the PhD and doctors of medical, biological and technical sciences. Taking into account the consumer's interest and different level of financial investments Holding factories are manufacturing 2 Classes of SENSITIV IMAGO devices:

  • - basic models: 135, 130, 120
  • - business models: 535, 530, 531, 520, 500

The general parameters of these devices are quality and accuracy – and the financial risk level at the device of any kind purchase is reduced to zero. SENSITIV IMAGO device is a narrow design that have no analogs in Russia. New technologies used in the devices manufacturing allow to increase the range of the possibilities in the diagnostics together with allowing to work at the “See, what's hidden” principle.

Future technologies for your success

1 - Sensitiv Imago devices for complex diagnostics of a human body are manufactured in Moscow by Alfa-Tech LLC Moscow.

2 - The Holding consists of scientific, experimental, educational and manufacturing enterprises.

3 - Company’s activities are standardized according to ISO 9001:2008 and 13485:2003, all equipment modifications are endowed with international and Russian certificates, which guarantees their full application safety and high quality.

4 - 100% of the devices sold have successfully passed bench tests.

5 - Operating principle of Sensitiv Imago equipment lies in the combination of methods of non-linear mathematical analysis and frequency-wave imprinting.

6 - While designing the system, works of the following great scientists were used: Nikola Tesla,

7 - Harrold Burr, Theodore van Hoven, Royal Ralf, Natalia Petrovna Bekhtereva.

8 - Timeline of Alfa-Tech equipment is traced back to the 90ies of XX century and is marked with appearance of a first diagnostic complex.

9 - Our devices are considered to refer to alternative, oriental and classical medicine.

10 - There are no analogues of the equipment. Knowledge about leading technologies is implemented in our devices. In a limited period of time Sensitiv Imago can examine organism and determine state of homeostasis, find deviations in functioning indexes.



The update of the program

The update of the program 8.1.7 2018.02


The update of the program

The update of the program 17.03_02 in Greek and Polish was prepared


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Polish software updated

Polish software updated released at 17.03.2017. You may address your regional dealer to obtain the update


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Sensitiv Imago - New in the program

New in the program: Veins of the brain.


Since 2001

Since 2001, it was released 7 programs for assessment of the level of the health

Watch your step!

Watch your step every time you buy diagnostic devices. Study and check the equipment offered. Consult our experts and don’t deal with little-known retailers. Trust only reliable companies with an unblemished reputation!



Watch your step! Plagiarism and false representation in the market

Effective health-improving technology

Voll’s method

Computer Health diagnostics Sensitiv imago

Effective health-improving technology

To-day, computer health diagnostics for the organism is particularly popular amongst health conscious people. Aware of potential health issues, it becomes easy to diagnose problems with the computer diagnostic functions of the Sensitiv Imago in a just a few minutes, detailing any organ of the body causing incipient illness. With the correct diagnosis opportunity is given to seek help from an appropriate specialist, and to start treatment immediately.

This method of diagnosis of all organs and systems of the body is absolutely safe for people of all ages. With the help of the computer program Sensitiv imago can: identify various diseases, even in the symptomless stage of illness development; to reveal viral, microbial, fungal and parasitic infections, to determine cause-effect relations of developing pathological processes in the body; to receive complete information about health issues which is impossible to obtain with the help of X-rays, ultrasound, computerized tomography