Sensitiv imago 500

Sensitiv Imago 500 - device for health estimation

The model was withdrawn from series production


About Sensitiv imago

The Sensitiv imago 500 device is the most advanced computer diagnostics device used for health maintenance and is based on the latest scientific knowledge of wave characteristics of the living systems. It conforms to Euro standards with EU certificates and was awarded the Gold Medal of the European Competition of Innovative Technologies in Plovdiv.

Operation conditions of the Sensitiv Imago diagnostics device >>

The current model is equipped with a large number of peripheral devices, all aiding in the most accurate and detailed information of the body's organism, resulting in the correct diagnosis of the patient. The stationary interface also allows for remote control with a remote power supply equipped with short circuit protection. The device connects to the computer through a USB port. Method

The computer diagnostics are carried out by way of the patient wearing headphones with built in SBA sensors communicating with infrared receivers, electromagnetic induction sensors, and acoustic radiators.

The Sensitiv Imago 500, as well as other models in the 500 series are equipped with COM sensors. The sensor , which can also be used to obtain additional information from the patient, is located separately during operation of the device and must be placed in the flat surface of the monitor, not exceeding 70cm from the patient. This is to ensure stable amplifying of IR signals. The sensor can be used in test mode as well as setup mode, and error correction can be adjusted by the use of the optional sensory diagnostic unit.

The interface block, conforming to Euro standards consists of SBA sensors (500) , a floating generator, digital filters block, analog filters block, automatic adjustment block, automatic calibration block, magneto' optical cameras and sensors external/remote block. Sensitiv imago 500 diagnostic device passport data.

The Sensitiv imago 500 rear panel is equipped with separate diplane connectors that minimizes the risk of breakage in the incorrect connection of the peripheral devices. Additionally, there is a special connector to enhance amplification by other sensors connected to the interface block. Automatic adjustment of the device is delivered by a special unit that ships delivered with the complete set.(with all available options).

The device instantly diagnoses the presence of health related issues in the patient upon collating the data. The three modes of automatic, semi-automatic and manual all contribute to optimal diagnosis of medical problems. Sensitiv imago 500 computer diagnostics operation.

The Sensitiv Imago 500 computer diagnostics is equipped with software no later than the end of 2009, ensuring correct and current diagnostic trends. Regular updating of the software allows operation of the most modern equipment available.

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