The Sensitiv-Diagnostics method

It is possible to measure the difference!

Sensitiv Imago diagnostics is new cutting edge computer technology that assists in health improving methods to diagnose and rectify health issues.

The methodology of the Sensitiv Imago diagnostics is based on scientific research clarifying the fundamental nature of biological matter in our vicinity. The waves that surround all differ from each other due to their characteristics. The living cell of a biological object has its own wave frequency, whilst the frequency of an invalid cell is changed. Each therapeutic preparation has its own peculiar frequency waves. These properties are recorded by the Sensitiv Imago computer diagnostics.

This is how the Sensitiv Imago diagnoses the health of an inspected organ in perspective. The program also assists in finding ways of more efficient health maintenance.

Prior to the start of the program, sensors and SBA sensors which are part of the headphones, are fixed to the hands and head respectively. The procedure is completely safe and harmless as the diagnostic system consists of various safety precautions protecting both patient and doctor from potential hazards.

Sensitiv-device description

The patient observes the whole scanning process from beginning to end. He sees the visualization of anatomical organs on the monitor. However, these are not the organs of the patient, they are graphic representations of body organs clearly demarcated by geometric coloured tracers of Rekvig's scale. The technology of Sensitiv utilizes a 6 point pattern that characterizes the state of organ in the patient.

Sensitiv Imago diagnostics
The process of measuring the wave characteristics of the skin
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reserve cell - the mark is excellent active cell-function, the toxins have time to neutralized - the mark is well Limit cell-function, toxins accumulation in tissues-acceptable mark functional overladen cell, free toxins damaged the cell-the mark is worse of the allowable level functional blocked cell, homeostasis disorder-the mark is bad functional defective cell, homeostasis destruction, retrogression, degeneration- the mark-very bad

Once information from the patient is extracted, the Sensitiv Imago can diagnose the probability of various diseases based on the presence of bacteria, viruses, and worms and can discover the cause and more importantly can advise on the most effective course of action . In the database of the program, which is constantly updated, are the wave characteristics of thousands of drugs, nutritional supplements, homeopathic remedies and herbal preparation. Using wave methods the Sensitiv Imago can diagnose with high accuracy.

The process of testing drugs is fascinating for the patient; using this technology they are able to test what is useful, necessary and then determine the best. This process of drug preparations and their selection can be seen in an interactive environment on the monitor. The energy state differences and affect of an organ can be observed once the computer analyses the information from the drugs. Thus one can see in percentages whether the chosen preparation will worsen or improve the condition of the organ. Once correctly chosen, administration of the preparations can be carried out determining the dosage and it is possible to give forecasts between 1 and 5 years.

Sensitiv Imago
Gall bladder examination

Sensitiv Imago technology

Sensitiv Imago technology can prepare treatment preparations using the 'reverse wave' principle.This principle is known to doctors and homeopathic practitioners. Viruses and germs interfering with an organism receive 'inverted' wave information deposited by way of water, sugar or alcohol and then begin to self destruct. This is particularly effective for patients with chronic health problems. In the program there is also an option for frequency compensation and bioresonance therapy.

Sensitiv Imago
Frequency compensation- method of treatment allowing health mode in sub cortex

It is possible to prepare sample copies for centers that use supplements for dietary practice. If a preparation is not available, the testing of dietary supplements can be carried out automatically with an electronic database. It is possible to test the 'live' product by installing it in the chamber for testing (i.e. built in the camera).

Sensitiv Imago
Information preparation to improve the skin's structure is in production process