Testimonials of the device Sensitiv Imago

I’ve been familiar with Sensitiv Imago 500 computerized diagnostics since January 2012. Bought the device in Alda Service CenterSR

I’ve undergone individual training after calling Svetlana Mikhailovna to my place. With full responsibility, I can say that the device is not just good but a high-quality one! I am keeping my own statistics on ultrasound investigation (is available) and X-ray examination comparison results. Have set up a correspondence according to different diagnoses from 78 up to 95%. It’s quite much for that price, isn’t it?

I am very much obliged to scientists, who created this method. I wish you success, new ideas and prosperity!

Diana K., Barcelona, Spain

My story was really joyless for I had the imprudence to by the device for 2 thousand Euro

It turned out to be that for such a price you could afford nothing else but a fake device. But it became clear only a year later. The proverb “A cheapskate pays twice” is really true! So I turned to be that cheapskate and bought a “Christmas toy” for 60 thousand roubles. Later, after my patient’s complaint, a had a check of Federal Service on Surveillance in Healthcare and Social Development and all hell broke loose… It took me half a year to smooth everything out. Of course I didn’t manage to find the firm which had sold me the device – it doesn’t exist any more. I found in Internet information about Alfa-Med’s promotional offer, when they exchanged fake devices for legal diagnostic medical equipment. Now I work comfortably and with a clear conscience. And the same I wish to all of you.

I would like to caution everybody against fake devices. Don’t economize on the equipment, that can tarnish your reputation. Protect people’s health!

N.M., Chelyabinsk region, Russia

I’d like to share my impressions on Lifestream program work

I’ve been working with it since June 2012. Before that I had worked with Sensitive Imago. New program is much better: both for examination (more organs appeared), data interpretation (doctor’s work became easier), information receipt and for medications selection. But it took plenty of time to study it out. Hoped that would cope with it myself because had worked with the previous version without undergoing training. But it turned out to be quite a different program. That’s why I advise everyone to undergo training courses!

All-in-all, I am quite comfortable with the program and so are my patients. My patients especially like “technogenic factors” and different “contaminants” options. The program is powerful! I recommend to purchase it!

Doctor Tihonov A.I., Petrozavodsk, Russia

I like SI software more than LifeStream

Can’t get used to new buttons. Though many functions are hold more rapidly now, and it’s easy to interpret the data. But why have you changed everything that much?! You could have left old arrangement and graphics. 3D is for the young ones – experienced doctors prefer classical image.

Why have you enlarged the number of organs and diagnoses that much? It’s waste of time for practical usage. Patients always want to see everything. It means, that I waste my time.

The program became more commercial, intended more for business than for thorough work. Technogenic factors, food additives, stones, food products are not medicine, but a commerce. Who will need to come and search for heavy metals? Those who need to find them would prefer specialized centers.

I recomment to work with Sensitive imago software. It’s safe, quick and reliable. This is my own viewpoint.

Inna Valentinovna, broad certified doctor, private medical center, St.Petersburg, Russia.